A beautiful and minimalist finish for natural fiber rugs and natural looking SynSisal®, the Infinity Edge is a type of binding finish that has no border at all and creates a clean, sharp edge.

The Infinity Edge comes complete with a non-slip rug pad that is secured to the bottom of the rug during the binding process. The addition of the non-slip rug pad creates a rug that lays flat, won't need Curl Stoppers and has increased structural integrity. No additional rug pad is needed with the Infinity Edge option.

The Infinity Edge is available on several of our sisal and jute weaves as well as our exclusive SynSisal® collection.

Infinity Edge with Built-In Rug Pad on SynSisal® Weave

langley in color smoke


Infinity Edge with Built-In Rug Pad on Natural Weave

oslo wide in color ash