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Bellport SynSisal, woven in Europe, was designed for our clients who constantly ask for a sisal looking rug that is both easy to clean and soft underfoot. Bellport is 90% polypropylene and 10% wool and is backed with jute. The weave is made for indoor use only and is the softest of our synthetic sisal weaves. It is a tighter boucle than our Southampton.

Please note that Bellport is made of 10% wool, 90% polypropylene so it will not be as easy to clean as our other synSisal weaves .

Installing Bellport requires the same process that is used when installing our natural flatwoven flooring, so please refer to our installation instructions when installing Bellport click here.

This weave costs $9 per square foot with a roll width of 13' 2". For more information or to create a custom rug, see rug builder below. Freight is free with all rug orders (excluding broadloom).
DURABLE Wool blended with polypropylene improves abrasion and mechanical stress, and offers top resistance and appearance retention.
THERMAL PROTECTION The cold-reflecting power of polypropylene added to the warmth of insulating wool allows for excellent thermal protection and comfort.
CONTEMPORARY The wool-polypropylene blend offers exceptional design, stylish colors and great wear, required elements for today’s active lifestyles
COLOR Blending natural wool with machine-produced thread improves the color fastness of the final product.
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