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San Juan

San Juan is one of our braided criss-cross weaves made from jute. Jute is a natural plant product, 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and thus, belongs among the most environment-friendly fibers. It is soft to the touch but at the same time strong as firmly spun from long, shiny threads.

The uniqueness of San Juan is its versatility when it comes to pattern and color. San Juan showcases braids of different thicknesses interwoven in a criss-cross pattern. These braids are highlighted by using different natural color hues ranging from light beige, orange rust to a tint of light chocolate. San Juan will pick up many colors from its surroundings and harmonize with them.

Broadloom for wall-to-wall installation costs $140 per sq yd. The roll width is 13'1". For more information or to create a custom rug, see rug builder below. Freight is free with all rug orders.

Usage: Indoor/ Residential
Backing: Natural latex
Fiber: Jute
Fiber Content: 100% jute
Width of Goods: 13' 1"
Max. Size (w/o seams): 13' 1" W

Jute Characteristics:

Natural, undyed jute varies in color from light tans to light browns. Each rug will show this entire color range.

In time, all jute rug exposed to sunlight will change in color.

Due to the handcrafted construction and unusually thick yarns of this product, there can be sprouting, bowing, and skewing up to 2-3" every 5-6 linear feet. This natural variance is a beautiful feature of all jute products.

Use in a dry, indoor environment. Never steam clean or wet shampoo these materials.

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