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Sisal Tiles


    Sisal Tiles are perfect for residential or light contract environments. It is an exact replica of our Livos, a tightly woven, boucle-style weave. They are very easy to install. We love the instant update you can create in any room even with just one box, designing a unique shape or a simple square.

    Each tile is 19.7" x 19.7"

    16 tiles per case, 43.03 sq ft (full cases only!). Each box costs $400

    For more information or to order tiles, see rug builder below. 

    Usage: Residential, Light Contract
    Backing: Vinyl
    Fiber: Sisal
    Fiber Content: 100% Sisal
    Construction: Woven
    Tile Size: 19.7" x 19.7"
    Thickness: 1/4"
    Weight: 4 lbs per tile
    Fire Rating: Class 1

    Fire and Smoke Certification

    Sisal is a natural fiber, sensible to humidity:

    • changes in measures and bending are possible
    • decomposition (large amounts of humidity)

    General rules:

    • flooring surface has to be very dry
    • relative humidity: < 75%
    • cleaning only by sprinkling it with a HOST Dry-cleaning Kit
    • dry the stains as quickly as possible by means of a white absorbing cloth or tissue

    For casters, it is absolutely necessary to use protective chair mats.

    Please see installation instructions here. It is advised that the tiles acclimate for 24 hours before installation. 

    Create Your Rug Order Swatches
    Colors are not exact. We recommend ordering swatches before purchase.