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Synthetic Sisal

High quality, moisture repellent weaves designed to hold up in heavy-wear areas

Wall-To-Wall Carpet

Set the canvas in your space for endless design possibilities

Jute Custom Rugs

A natural plant that is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, one of the most environment-friendly fibers

Finishing Touches

Choose binding options for your custom rug that best suit your space

Hospitality and Commercial Projects

Browse a selection of weaves with high quality durability ratings

Fusion-Bonded Goat Hair

We love Prep by Tretford's color range, ease of installation, and its amazing durability

Weave Spotlight: Marin

A lovely hand loomed un-dyed wool weave in a classic zig zag pattern with a soft color palette

Eye-Catching Anywhere Weaves

Designed for high traffic spaces, woven with long lasting UV stabilizing fibers

Woven Benefits

Wool and linen are sound absorbent and stain-resistant weave fibers

Stain-Resistant Sisal Rugs

100% natural and durable enough for heavy contract and residential

Designer Weaves for Custom Rugs

Wool blends in bright shades and artful patterns bring vibrant energy indoors

Knots, Shade and Texture Variations

Wall-to-wall and custom size rugs in eco-friendly seagrass fiber

Residential Design

Handwoven designer rugs that become a focal point in interior spaces

Weave Spotlight: Wave

Contract grade durability for indoor and outdoor projects

Weaves By Pattern

Handwoven designs in geometric, herringbone, stripes and more

Contemporary Custom Rugs

Designs of handwoven leather hides with natural texture and color

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