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Stair Runners

Turn your staircase into a showcase with our curated selection of beautiful and durable weaves, in a range of patterns, colors, and fibers.

A stair runner is a timeless design element that also increases safety, dampens noise, protects wood flooring, and cushions your feet every step of the way.

Need advice? See our FAQ at the bottom of this page or contact us for help at any stage of your project.

Natural grey stair runner on white staircase
stair runners
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A stair runner is a rug or carpet that is installed on your stairs and usually runs the full length of your staircase, from the top step to the bottom step, and may extend the full width of each step (wall to wall) or have a border. Stair runners can be fitted on staircases that run straight or staircases with landings or turns. Adding a stair runner has numerous benefits, including anti-slip safety, sound absorption, wood floor protection, comfort underfoot, and improved aesthetics. A grand staircase with a beautiful runner or carpet creates a lasting impression.

Installing a stair runner is a great way to add a fun design element to your home while also improving safety and comfort. A professional carpet installer can help you measure and design your project for success. And with our curated selection of fibers, colors, and patterns, turning your staircase into a showcase is just a step away.

A durable, hard-working weave with low-pile height like a synthetic sisalsisalsisal-wool blendwool, or seagrass is ideal. A chic synthetic sisal and best-sellers like Amsterdam or our stain-resistant sisal Orcas would not only look stunning but hold up incredibly well to all the ups and downs. For an all-natural weave, sisal like Monoblet, a sisal-coir blend like our Contract Coir, or a seagrass like Arrowhead are perfect choices. Our wool tretford® Roll is available in multiple colors to add a visual pop while softening sounds.

Since stairways are often nondescript spaces, adding a custom stair runner can create a beautiful focal point. A subtle pattern can shine on a staircase, but precise, bold geometric patterns can be difficult to visually line up. Not all staircases, especially in older homes, are straight or level. If you choose a weave that has a pattern or distinct lines, we highly recommend that you have it professionally installed.

Rug pads are another consideration when thinking about stair runners. The extra cushion of a rug pad will increase comfort and sound absorption. Choose a thin yet dense rug pad that can stand up to the traffic while not raising the height of the runner. The rug pad should be narrower than the width of the runner so that it is not visible on the sides.

Contact our team of experts for help selecting the best weave for your project and for recommendations on how to work with your installer.

1. Select Your Weave

With durability and your style in mind, browse our curated selection of weaves by material or pattern for inspiration. If you have a bustling home with children and pets, consider a synthetic sisal or stain-resistant sisal for ease of cleaning. If quieting the space is a priority, a beautiful wool will dampen sound nicely. And for maintaining a natural beauty throughout your home, a seagrasssisal, or sisal blend is a great choice.

We strongly encourage ordering sample swatches before placing an order.

Need help? Contact our team of experts for step-by-step guidance.

2. Measure Your Staircase

Now that you have a weave in mind and samples in hand, set up an appointment with a professional carpet installer to take measurements for your stair runner project. Each staircase is unique, with different variables, and an expert knows how to navigate such a project. Develop a timeline for the project, keeping in mind the lead time needed for the delivery of goods, preparation, product acclimation, and installation.

3. Place Your Order

From your selected weave’s webpage, click the “Order Your Rug” button and follow the prompts. Depending on your project needs and the specifications of the weave, you will either choose to “build” a custom rectangle runner or purchase the required amount of broadloom (to be fabricated into a custom stair runner or used wall-to-wall on your stairs).

Take note of the expected delivery timeline.

4. Plan for Delivery

Be sure to coordinate the arrival of the carpet with your installer. Carpet rolls can be large and heavy and a 48-hour acclimation period is recommended. Be prepared to receive the delivery curbside or contact our team of experts to arrange for Enhanced Delivery. You may also be able to have your stair runner or carpet delivered to your carpet installer’s warehouse.

5. Install and Enjoy your Stair Runner!

General installation guidelines that provide helpful tips are available for all of the weaves that we sell. However, for a stair runner project, an experienced stair runner installer is the best source for installation guidelines.

For maintenance, be sure to consult our care guides.