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Wool is the quintessential natural material for carpet and rugs and offers many benefits, like inherent stain resistance and natural insulation. If wool can withstand the elements that sheep endure, then surely it can perform to our high standards for flooring.

  • First, wool is a natural product that is renewable and highly durable.

  • Second, it has inherent stain resistance—the same lanolin and oils that help keep sheep warm and dry in the cold rain protect the wool fibers from staining.

  • Third, the density of wool provides comfort and coziness as well as sound absorption and thermal insulation.

One potential drawback with wool is its price tag. You will pay more for wool, but its durability, resiliency, and long-lasting beauty make every penny worth it.

Need help deciding which rug material is right for you and your space? Our Rug Materials Comparison Chart is a great resource. For a deeper dive into rug materials, how to buy a rug online, or what size rug to purchase, head over to our Rug Buying Guide - Everything You Need to Know.

The natural oils found in wool fibers help prevent stains and dirt from settling into the fibers. However, regular, gentle vacuuming will do wonders to keep your wool rug or carpet looking fresh and clean. All spills still require quick attention, but a water-based spill will clean up fairly easily while an oil or grease stain might require more effort. A professional cleaning service is recommended every year or two.

All of our weaves come with care guidelines, including how to spot clean a wool rug or get stains out of your wool rug, that are accessible under the Care tab on each weave page.

Yes, and it is a normal part of a wool rug’s life cycle and does not indicate a defect or mean that the look of your rug or carpet will change. Wool is a natural product and not all wool fibers are exactly the same size and length. If you have a cut-pile rug, the yarns are woven and then trimmed, resulting in smaller strands becoming loose and then shedding with traffic. Even with a flat, tightly woven wool rug, wool fuzz works its way out as you walk on it.

When your wool carpet or rug is new, vacuum it frequently and gently without the beater bar, or sweep the rug to loosen the loose fibers. You can’t stop a wool rug or carpet from shedding, but with time, the shedding settles down (typically in about 6 months).

Every year, sheep are shorn of their thick wool coat, the wool is spun into yarn, and then crafted into a myriad of products, from sweaters to rugs. And the next year, the cycle repeats, making wool a renewable and sustainable resource. Wool production has a minimal impact on the environment, especially since wool products are durable and have longer life cycles than their synthetic counterparts. 

Wool is biodegradable, purifies the air, and is considered a non-allergenic fiber that does not support the growth of bacteria or off-gas. Most wool rugs and carpets are treated with a moth-repellant, but if a 100% treatment-free product is what you are looking for, then our Pure Wool Collection might be just what you need.

References to handloomed, woven or tufted all speak to the construction of the rug or carpet. A handloomed rug has been woven on a loom that is operated or driven by hand or foot power. A woven rug is also created on a loom but generally with mechanical controls. Both are created by weaving together, either by hand or by machine, the face yarns that become the warp (lengthwise yarns) and the weft (widthwise threads).

Handloomed wool rugs and carpet are hand-crafted and highlight the natural variabilities of wool and the unique qualities that only an artisanal product embodies, which is why they fetch a higher price point. Minor irregularities in yarn color, design, pattern repeat, and texture are elemental to a handloomed product and are also what elevates it above other mass-produced wool rugs. Enjoy the patterned designs and low profile that our handloomed flat weave wool rugs offer, like our Skyline or Metropolitan. Or sink your feet into a chunky, handloomed weave like our Noisette, or the braided wool in Wethersfield or Churchill.

Our modern woven wool rug collection showcases color variations, textural richness, and playful patterns that are made possible with modern weaving techniques and skilled artisans from Europe and beyond.  Add an exotic yet chic neutral with Kraal Leopard or a patterned wool rug like Cornwall or Carmel to enliven a space. For plushness, the woven Chennai or Willingdon are thick, cozy weaves that will add insulation and a timeless look to your space.

A tufted rug is made by looping or stitching the face yarns onto a pre-made backing material with a tufting gun or other needle-like tool. There are no knots in a tufted rug, so in order to secure the fibers to the backing, a secondary backing is attached with an adhesive. The most common backing materials are jute, cloth, or synthetic like polypropylene (action-backed). 

The final look or texture of the rug depends on how the surface yarns are finished. If left uncut, loops create a top cushion like the classic Berber look, as seen in our Tapara or Lassen. Multilevel loop wool rugs and carpet, like our Providence or Valor, bring another layer of texture and comfort underfoot. Crater Lake is an example of a tip-sheared weave, with loops and cut yarns, and Fat Cat is sheared and has a lush, level surface. 

Between the patterns, colors, and construction styles available, finding a wool rug or carpet to enhance your living spaces will be an easy and exciting project. Our curated wool collection offers low profile and deep pile wool rugs, fresh patterns and neutral canvases, pops of colors, and earthy tones.

If you are looking for colorful wool rugs, tretford® Roll serves up multiple color options, including blue wool rugs and red wool rugs. Fusion and Elixir have beautiful color palettes from neutral tones to playful pinks. A striped wool rug is classic and pairs well with many interior design styles. For example, Pimlico brings subtle stripes to minimalist spaces and Orono fits a coastal or nautical design perfectly.

For the ultimate in luxury and artistry, see The Monasch Collection from Best Wool. This collection showcases color-drenched wool weaves as well as soothing neutrals in beautiful structures and patterns. To discover more curated options, head over to Collections.

A wool blend is a rug or carpet made from wool and other compatible fibers. Common additions to wool include nylon, polyester, poly silk, TENCEL, viscose, art silk, sisal, linen, and other synthetics. We offer a selection of wool blend rugs as well as wool blend carpets.

Most broadloom wool weaves come in the standard 13’2” width. Our extra-wide wool selection includes wool carpets that are wider than 13’2” and up to 16’5”. These extra wide options are ideal for wall-to-wall installations, extra large wool rugs, and custom wool rugs for large rooms.