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St Helens | Beech

100% Pure Wool Rugs & Carpet

made in the US with chemical-free UK wool

Free of Chemicals | Neutral Colors | Inviting Textures


Pure Wool rugs are 100% chemical-free and impress with warm, muted tones and a naturally soft feel.

Modern & Eco-Friendly Wool Rugs

Join the sustainable luxury movement with these impossibly soft, chemical-free wool rugs. Made in the US with UK sheep wool.

The Pure Wool collection offers warm, neutral colorways that feel at home with any design style. Available in broadloom for wall-to-wall installations or create a custom area rug.

Image: Rainier | Macadamia

Rue Wool Rainier Macadamia wool area rug in bedroom

  • 100% Wool

    Wool from small scale UK farms that practice industry-best standards

  • Chemical Free

    No volatile compounds like dyes, moth proofing, flame retardant, or stain treatments

  • Purifies Indoor Air

    Wool neutralizes pollutants, inhibits mold and bacteria growth, and repels dust mites

  • Textures & Colors

    Pure Wool rugs are customizable and available in neutral colors and inviting textures

Shasta | Macadamia
Shasta | Macadamia
St Helens | Beech
St Helens | Beech

Insulating & Versatile

Add a layer of comfort and warmth to any design style

Crater Lake | Kola


Pure Wool weaves are available in broadloom for wall-to-wall installations or large wool area rugs.

St Helens | Almond

Design Flexibility

Neutral colorways blend with design styles of all kinds, from boho chic to MCM.

Pure Wool is a collection of chemical-free, 100% wool rugs and carpet manufactured in the foothills of Georgia’s Blue Ridge mountains here in the US. These weaves use wool from small sheep farms in the UK that practice industry-best standards for animal welfare and environmental stewardship. In addition to promoting a healthy environment, a Pure Wool rug protects and enhances our indoor environment, improving indoor air quality through wool’s natural ability to absorb toxic fumes.

Eco-friendly: Sheep produce a new fleece every year, making wool a renewable and sustainable natural fiber. Plus, wool is biodegradable and breaks down quickly, returning valuable nutrients back to the soil at the end of its lifecycle. Pure Wool rugs use only wool from farms dedicated to sustainable farming practices, producing a smaller environmental impact than other common rug materials. 

Durable: Wool is a durable and resilient fiber that maintains its appearance over time and bounces back from compression. It has natural stain resistance: the same lanolin and oils that keep sheep warm and dry protect the wool fibers from staining. The density of wool provides comfort and coziness as well as sound absorption and thermal insulation.

Health & Safety: Pure Wool rugs are free from volatile compounds like dyes, fire retardants (wool is naturally non-flammable), mothproofing, or stain treatments. Further, wool is a natural air purifier that absorbs and neutralizes polluting gases such as formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, and nitrous oxides. Wool is also a non-allergenic fiber that inherently inhibits mold and bacteria growth and repels dust mites. All of these qualities make wool an ideal flooring material in a healthy home.

Proper care and maintenance will protect your investment for years to come. Wool cleans well and won't soil quickly due to its natural soil resistance, making chemical stain protection treatments unnecessary. But for best results over time, we recommend:

  • A sturdy doormat for wiping shoes and consider a “no shoes in the house” policy 

  • Regular vacuuming without a beater bar because:

    • Pure Wool rugs are not treated with a moth repellent, so it is extra important that you vacuum weekly to remove any moth larvae.

    • New wool rugs or carpet undergo a natural shedding process, so vacuuming will help keep the fibers under control.

    • The less dirt and dust living in the rug fibers, the less likely you will end up with a stain should your rug get wet.

  • Professional cleaning every 2 years. 

All our Pure Wool carpets come with care guidelines that are accessible on the weave’s webpage under the Care tab.

Underlays or rug pads are a great way to add cushioning, insulation, and floor protection to a carpet or rug. Staying true to Pure Wool’s objective, a Pure Wool Underlay is 100% wool, with no added chemicals or synthetic materials. For wall-to-wall installation, speak with your installer about your yardage needs. The Pure Wool Underlay is only available as a full roll (45' long). Please contact customer service for more information.

Since this underlay does not have a non-slip coating, it is recommended for use in wall-to-wall installations or under rugs that are weighted by heavy furniture.

Natural wool is a blank canvas, with warm, neutral colorways that blend and balance design palettes of all kinds. The textures created by weaving loops and patterns into wool rugs add a visual and tactile richness—an essential component of a well-balanced decór. The Pure Wool Collection offers organic wool rugs in neutral colors that blend beautifully with styles of all kinds.

  • For a thick and comforting landing, Shasta has a loop pile that cradles your feet while adding warmth to rustic or modern farmhouse designs.

  • The low-profile St Helens has multi-level loops and natural colors that lend a calm, textural component to Asian Zen interiors.  A wool runner rug from St Helens adds durability and subtle texture to hallways and entryways.

  • Complete the comfy vibe in bedrooms with Crater Lake or Lassen, two weaves with plush piles and soothing hues. For a cream colored wool rug, the color Aspen has the perfect balance of warmth and brightness.

All our Pure Wool rugs are made-to-order—simply choose your weave, color shade, shape, and size preferences—or purchase broadloom for wall-to-wall installation.

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