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The Monasch Collection by Best Wool

designer wool rugs with unforgettable character

New Zealand Wool | Dutch Craftsmanship | Exclusive Style

Amplify Your Style

Designed by Ivar Monasch, the Creative Director at Best Wool, this collection of stunning and whimsical wool rugs beckons to the curator and collector in you.

Made in the Netherlands, a Monasch rug amplifies fine artistry and masterful European craftsmanship and will delight for years to come.

Flashback | Moss
Flashback | Moss

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Inviting wool fibers in thick piles & loops

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Delightful color palettes & intriguing patterns

Inspired by Nature

The Monasch Collection is woven exclusively from "the best wool, durable and traceable to source". Each weave embodies the perfections we see in nature and features abundant textures, colors, and structures.

All About The Monasch Collection

What is the Monasch Collection?

The Monasch Collection is a striking wool rug collection created and crafted in the town of Best in the Netherlands. Yvar Monasch is the Managing Director of Best Wool and the creative spark behind this beautiful collection.

Best Wool has been designing and producing wool rugs and carpet since 1982 and Curran and are proud to be the premier purveyors in the US of the Monasch Collection.

To learn more about Best Wool and our partnership, head over to our blog post The Monasch Collection by Best Wool.

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This collection was inspired by nature’s perfections and built upon four pillars: health, durability, craftsmanship and comfort. Wool rugs contribute to a healthier indoor environment by capturing fine particles like dust and pollen and absorbing VOCs. Monasch rugs also contribute to a healthier world environment because they are crafted with renewable and sustainably harvested wool. Wool biodegrades, and with the removable and recyclable Niaga® backing, Monasch rugs are produced with circularity in mind.

Both wool and the Niaga® backing are durable materials that when combined create a rug that will be enjoyed for years to come. Best Wool’s team of skilled craftsmen—from the shepherds to the thread spinners, the designers to the rug builders—bring decades of expertise and inspiration into every Monasch woolen rug. Add to that the unbeatable comfort of wool and you have a rug that radiates coziness, beauty, and character.

Niaga®️ backing is a polyester backing that is used with mono- or duo-carpets with the goal of reuse and recyclability.

  • A mono-carpet with Niaga®️ backing is a carpet made with one material: polyester.

  • A duo-carpet consists of the polyester Niaga®️ backing and one other material: wool.

The Monasch Collection represents a duo-carpet: you can remove the Niaga®️ backing from the wool weave, creating two distinct materials that can be recycled, reused, or in the case of wool, biodegrade back into nature.

The rug designs of the Monasch Collection are compositions of colors, hues and textural patterns that span styles from understated yet classic to vibrant and modern.

Undyed wool is anything but basic, and many of these weaves have gorgeous natural tones that add calm to a space or energize with subtle textural shifts found in the pattern. 

Colors, especially when combined with unique patterns, also bring energy and chic styling to interiors. The Monasch Collection offers intriguing and elegant colorful wool rugs to suit your unique style.

  • Spaced Out is the most colorful wool rug in the collection and showcases multi-color yarns in inspiring combinations.

  • Deep, bold colors to spice up any room can be found in Fingers Crossed Flavoured, a unique weave with colorful wool yarns twisted and looped for an exciting textural foundation.

Details make a difference and a patterned wool rug brings delightful energy into any space.

  • The delicate herringbone structure in The Sweater adds a sophisticated design layer.

  • Flashback features a classic chevron in fun color combinations.

All wool rugs from the Monasch Collection are available as custom area rugs and can be finished with your choice of border. Felted Wool, Leather, Linen Wrap, or Blind Soft are cloth borders that add a tailored touch. We also offer the classic serged edge for a streamlined finish.

Explore all the Monasch qualities above and discover the perfect designer wool rug for your space.