2023: A Wild Magic Carpet Ride

Looking Ahead to 2024!

Curran & Founder & CEO Jeff Curran at his desk in Seattle

Hello! Ciao. Guten Tag. Hola.

To all our customers around the globe we here at Curran & wish you a lovely and peaceful holiday season. We’re grateful for your patronage, whether you ordered a custom rug from us, carpeted the hotel guest rooms for a client, or put a new daybed out on your back patio. 

This year our company celebrated its 30th anniversary! And ending 2023 we remain more committed than ever to our original mission: making the world a little more hospitable and beautiful with every carpet, rug, and comfortable outdoor home furnishing we sell.

A Company with Global Reach

2023 has been a year of significant firsts for our team. We established Curran Worldwide, our European branch and opened a warehouse and office, to better serve our customers in the EU and UK and across the world.

Improvements to our Virtual and Physical Presence

We invested in significant upgrades to our flooring and home websites. It's easier than ever for clients to design a custom area rug, cost out a wall-to-wall flooring project, and shop outdoor furniture catalogs from the comfort of your smartphone or PC.

We unveiled our new showroom at our Seattle headquarters. Here we host industry events and invite designers and end users to experience our catalog offerings in person. To us, there's nothing quite like the feeling of sitting in a DEDON chair for the first time, running your hand along chunky natural sisal fibers, or unfurling an Umbrosa patio umbrella.

Our Evolving Sustainability Story

Here at Curran &, sustainability is not just an industry buzzword that we pay lip service to. We put in serious hours and energy to stay ahead of our peers in the race to a more sustainable flooring product.

The SynSisal® Standard Collection is woven with 100% ECONYL® nylon. Consciously created from reclaimed fishing nets and other post-consumer waste, this recyclable and regenerable yarn satisfies our ambition for a sustainable alternative to traditional synthetics and meets all contract-grade specifications. European viewpoints on sustainable carpet manufacturing currently surpasses the movement currently happening in the US. We are fortunate to work with prolific engineers and material designers across Europe that are working steadfastly to evolve away from the use of virgin fibers and materials, reduce carbon footprints and develop components used in carpet production that improve the potential for circularity at the end of use.

Astoria | Honey | @ The Bull Charlbury

Innovations to Serve our Design Client

Consumers care about sustainability, too. According to a recent Trip Advisor survey, 62% of travelers have opted for more environmentally friendly hotels, food and transportation, and 69% of survey respondents said they intended to make even more environmentally responsible travel choices in the future.

Stay tuned for news about a new natural-fiber flooring product we have in the works: a revolutionary 100% end-to-end recyclable carpet with a biodegradable natural backing.

Season's Greetings from the Entire Staff at Curran

Wishing you and yours the best for 2024.

Happy New Year! Frohes Neues Jahr. Buon Anno. Bonne Année. Feliz Año Nuevo.