More Colors, More Style

Our SynSisal® collection has grown: we've added two new natural colors, Bark & Mink, to our designer favorite weaves Astoria, Medina, and Ravenna.

All-Natural Jute

Organic color variations and softness make jute a fabulous fiber for natural rugs and carpet

Seamless Splendor

Nothing beats the seamless beauty and comfort of wall-to-wall carpet in your space

Transitional Spaces

With so many styles of anywhere weaves to choose from, the design possibilities for transitional spaces are endless

Coastal Chic Wool

Our new handloomed wool weaves - Cambria, Victoria, and Orono - delight with their beautiful coastal chic charm.

SynSisal®—Sisal Without Limits

SynSisal® goes a step above natural sisal, with the same organic beauty and softer, easier-to-clean fibers.

Shop Outdoor Home Furnishings

Complement your outdoor rug with our selection of iconic European home furnishings

Handloomed Harmony

Handloomed wool creates a warm textural foundation for an elegant living space

Freedom of Design

Create your one-of-a-kind customizable rug with Nautical’s colorful and durable nylon ropes

How to Choose the Perfect Rug

We've made it easy to find the perfect rug for your space with our latest blog post

All New Jacaranda Collection

Handmade TENCEL™ textures adorned with shimmering fibers and deep color tones

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