SynSisal® - Sisal Without Limits

The natural sisal aesthetic paired with best-in-industry contract grade strength

Experiment With Color

Color Splash is our best-selling Livos sisal silhouetted by vibrant color borders

Artistic Flair

Geometric rugs are a stylistic statement, adding patterned beauty to the foundation of a beautiful room

Inside Out

Create cohesive balance between indoor and outdoor living areas with our collection of synthetic outdoor rugs

All New Jacaranda Collection

Handmade TENCEL™ textures adorned with shimmering fibers and deep color tones

Tread on TENCEL™

All-new Jacaranda rugs are made of TENCEL™, an exquisitely soft botanic fiber that is biodegradable

Natural, Exquisite Texture

Made from the leaves of the Agave cactus, sisal has an organic texture that is remarkably rich and versatile

SynSisal® - A Sustainable Solution

SynSisal® is made of ECONYL 100% regenerated nylon that was recovered from the environment

Strengthen Your Connection to Nature

Natural fibers like sisal, jute, and seagrass bring us back to organic roots, adding depth and soul to our homes

Pure Wool

Floor coverings from our Pure Wool Collection promote a healthy indoor air quality

Stain-Resistant Sisal

Ease your worries. Stain-resistant sisal prevents permanent spots and blemishes

Stay In The Know