Stair runners are a great addition because they help buffer sound, provide warmth and cushioning underfoot plus reduce slipping. Stair runners can also add a fun design element to your home's decor. It is recommended to have a professional installer measure your stairs for you because not all stairs are created equal.

Stairs have curves, angles, turns, landings, different heights and widths, so it's best to avoid mistakes in measuring on your own. There is the possibility of not ordering enough broadloom. It is the installer's expertise to help you figure out how much material you will need to order of the weave and binding if desired. All installation is done directly onsite creating your one-of-a-kind stair runner.

The best weaves or types of flooring to use for stair runners are wool, wool blends, natural and synthetic fibers. That is because they are long lasting and durable fibers. Each fiber gives a different aesthetic, so contact us anytime with your questions or ideas. We will help you feel inspired and get the best weave for the look and lifestyle you have in your home.